Time Waits For No One

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Time travel is incredibly dangerous.

Building a time machine is surprisingly simple.

In 2015 Tony Carpenter stumbled upon the plans for the Chronocar, a time machine conceived before it could be built by Dr. Simmie Johnson, genius, scientist, and son of a slave. Tony’s visit to 1919 to see the doctor and his lovely daughter Ollie turned into disaster, forcing the doctor to make a most difficult final decision.

Now the timeline has worked its way back to 2012. A new Tony Carpenter is about to be hit by a real blast from the past when he chances upon Dr. Johnson’s granddaughter, who has a story he can hardly believe and evidence of a journey to the past he can’t deny.

When Tony shows up in 1919 yet again, Dr. Johnson is confronted with the possibility of his invention ultimately obliterating all of creation. Can they locate and destroy all the copies of the journal with his article and any Chronocars that may exist before everything literally goes to hell?

“I’ve read many time travel novels in the past but Time Waits For No One by Steve Bellinger is now my absolute favorite. “
— Scott Cahan for Readers’ Favorite

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