Steve Bellinger

Award Winning Science Fiction Author


The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure In Time: An Excellent Read My introduction to The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure in Time began with a chance encounter with Mr. Bellinger while waiting for the L in Northern Chicago when I was visiting on a weekend vacation. Our conversation was my lead-in to the novel along with a copy, and I was so enwrapped in it I had finished the book before I left the city! The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure in Time is a wonderful return to classic themes of Science Fiction; the capability and inventiveness of a lone genius, the dangers of harnessing powers Mankind is not fit to wield, the choices it forces us to make, and the truth of the statement “you can’t step in the same river twice”. Anyone who enjoys works from the Golden Age of Science Fiction will find a familiar tale of time travel that avoids the usual pitfalls of historical inaccuracy, depicting the Chicago of 1919 in excellent detail down to the bacon rinds! I highly recommend The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure in Time to all fans of Science Fiction.
Jeff Y.
The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure In Time: Sci-fi/historical fiction combo---loved it! The author employs the medium of time travel to reflect on race relations from a century ago. He offers well-developed characters, crisp dialogue, descriptive action, and powerful settings. I used time travel as a plot support in my first novel. Mr. Bellinger cranks it up a notch, making it the focus of his story. He does not disappoint. One of my best reads this year.
Max W. Fischer
The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure In Time: Great time-travel yarn Loved and was horrified by the Chicago history!
Amazon Customer
The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure In Time: Time travel told by a new perspective I haven't encountered a time travel story as unique as this one. Told from the voice of a strong, black lead, the stakes are raised by the time period in which the character lives. As a scientist and a sci-fi lover, I believed all of the science in the book and the ending was worth reading to the end!
The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure In Time: Awesome Story - Worth Every Minute! I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. I enjoyed Simmie’s journey, and the author’s attention to detail. However, the book would benefit from some more aggressive editing. For a piece this short, I find it rather more difficult to overlook editorial errors (for example, one cannot “covet” something one already possesses). However, it's an absolutely awesome book otherwise and I understand why it won so many awards! I recommend this book to anyone on the lookout for a unique, well-written tale with some original twists.
Aperson Smith
The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure In Time: A well told Tale! This was a very good time travelling science fiction story. It had a lot to do with being a black American in the 1900s and Time travel. This book kind of reminded me of the book and movie The Time Machine. If you like a good plot book read this book!
Nichole Haines
The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure In Time: Very Well Thought-Out I very much appreciated the thought that the author put into both the historical and scientific aspects of this novel. Both of these fronts were written with such confidence that I was entirely willing to let it immerse me in the story. Would time-travel actually deposit you in space for a short time? I don't know. But, the author stated this (and many other things) with an appreciated confidence. This book is enjoyable, and worth a read!
Gilbert Lifton
The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure In Time: An original twist on an old theme This is an amazing book. The author has found a way to suggest speculative scientific principles in very real way. The characters are solid and the ending is very satisfying. I there was one problem, the book could have been longer by developing the early days of the Doctor a bit more. But leaving the audience wanting more is never something to be marked down for. I highly recommend this book to fans of Isaac Asimov and the like.
The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure In Time: An amazing heart pounding and heart wrenching tale. This read was perfect, a true masterpiece of Science Fiction! This story was masterfully written, with bright and well-constructed characters, and an amazing plot. I don't like to give too much information away in my reviews, but this one was definitely a fun tale with twists and turns and chaos, oh my. And the skeleton! Oh, the skeleton!I definitely recommend this story to anyone who likes quick science fiction reads!
M. M.
The Chronocar: An Urban Adventure In Time: As gripping as it is moving - humbly, I think it’s a masterpiece I was tense, reading faster and faster. Not just the writing which was great, but the story just wouldn’t let go. So very well done. And not just the science of it, though that is in a higher class. Time travel stories take a particular kind of mind to develop - I’ve read my share, this one has made the greatest impression on me...I’m middle class. I live in the suburbs. I’ve read about hate, read accounts of the fear that black Americans endure(d), the irrational discrimination and threat of injustice. I always have believed it... but I’ve never FELT it like this. Perhaps the discovery/experience of this darker side of humanity finally resonated as I felt akin to the protagonist... middle class, educated, a man from 2015. I had an overwhelmingly physical reaction unlike anything I can describe.I was so... angry.And upset.I tried to explain it to my wife, and I’ll almost couldn’t get the words out without crying.This story, for all its entertainment value, is exactly what I think the best fiction writers dream of. Something that really moves people. Something that belongs in and represents our culture.
Christian P Wright